The 3 Factors to Determine the Frequency of High Rise Window Cleaning

Why it’s important to hire a pro for high-rise window cleaning works?? Some major benefits to consider!!
August 27, 2019

High rise window cleaning is something that you can never imagine doing it yourself or getting it done by your regular office cleaners. Without a doubt, it requires the expertise and skills of a professional. Also, no other individuals are trained in the manner to take such a risky step and handle the fear of staying on height for long.

Moving on, high rise window cleaning is not a one-time process; the building owners should hire professionals regularly to maintain the appearance of the high rise buildings all year round. In most cases, the owners are unable to decide the right time or the frequency of the cleaning process. So to determine the frequency of the high rise window cleaning, we have mentioned the 3 major factors below.

 Where is the building located and its surrounding areas?

 The location and the surrounding areas are the two primary factors for deciding the frequency of high rise window cleaning. If the building is located in the area with high traffic (crowded areas) or nearby industrial areas, the windows will get dirty soon. The situation gets worse if the industry is chemical-based and releases harmful chemicals during processing. In such situations, it’s required to clean once or twice a month.

What’s the climate and weather in and around the building’s location?

The weather conditions and climate of the building’s location severely affect the condition of high rise windows. Unlike other parts of a building, windows suffer the most. Without any protection, windows have to suffer from all the climates and survive as long as possible. If the area receives high rainfall, the window panes get smudged and stained frequently, which requires cleaning one in the month.

What’s the nature and habits of people working in the building?

 If the traffic inside the building is high, chances are people would touch window frames when passing by. The hand impression on the windows spoils the look. Another habit of people that damages the window frames is smoking. Regular smoking near the windows leaves the residue behind which sticks on the window frames. Once the depositions get piled up, it becomes difficult to remove and requires the help of the professional cleaners. Unlike other factors mentioned above, this requires more attention because it’s related to the health of the people working in the building.

So, these are the 3 factors for determining the frequency of high rise building cleaning. From time to time, the building owners should study and analyse these factors and hire the professionals at the right time.

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