What should you do to keep the windows clean?
May 20, 2019
Why you must only hire professionals for high-rise window cleaning
July 2, 2019
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When we see high-rise buildings that have facade studded with glass windows, we often wonder who is going to clean all these windows. In our mind, we usually imagine a person painstakingly climbing on the facade and cleaning each window the way we do in our home. When you google how to clean windows, most of the time you find the same recipe to achieve streak-free window that involves white vinegar, water, squeegee and newspaper or a microfiber cloth.

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But, wait! Is it the best way to clean windows? If you consult a reputed streak free window cleaning company, it would say no. There are far better ways to clean windows and window cleaning equipment which prove to be more efficient than the one explained above. These advanced methods are much easier for professionals as they are equipped with the right cleaning agents, equipment, and of course, knowledge. Thus, the easiest and convenient way of getting bright and shine windows is to call for professional help rather than drenching in sweat and cleaning windows. Let’s discuss now some vital questions from the professionals’ point of view.

How often should I get my windows clean?

Honestly, it depends on you and sometimes on weather conditions and your location too. While there are some people who like to clean their windows every week on their own, others are pleased to call professionals for window cleaning whenever they feel like their windows are looking cloudy and dirty. So, it’s all about comfort, budget – which must not be an issue as window cleaning services are cost-effective and provide amazing results, and last but not least, desire of having clean and sparkling windows within much less time.

The ideal frequency is two to three times every year, mostly in the spring after a long break of winter and then in summer or late fall. It would be wise not to clean windows by yourself or call professionals for window cleaning on a hot sunny day because everything dries quickly. A cloudy day is much better to pick for window cleaning.

When to call professionals for streak free window cleaning?

While one or two windows within your reach usually may not need expert help, there are some situations when it is better to contact a streak free window cleaning company. You may need professional help depending upon the number of windows, style of windows, location of windows, whether there are storm windows and screens to deal with, whether you are equipped with special equipment or ladders to reach two to three stories, how much concerned you are about your safety and how much free time you have.

If you have windows in your place where you can’t reach and that require tall ladders for outside/inside cleaning, it is always recommended to hire a professional window cleaner who is insured, bonded and has a good reputation. Safety and streak-free windows are the top reasons for which people like to contact window cleaning companies.

Sometimes, people also like to take expert assistance when there are special occasions like wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or similar events that attract a huge gathering. Spotless windows can really create a good impression on your guests.

After going through this blog, you can easily determine why and when you need the help of a window cleaning company to get streak-free windows.

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