Why Calling Professionals for Residential Window Cleaning is Important
July 9, 2019
Hiring residential window cleaners: a few significant questions to ask before hiring!!
July 23, 2019

Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Company: A Few Primary Questions to Ask!!

Hiring professional window cleaning companies to clean your commercial or home windows is not that easy as it seems. Many people think that the process of evaluating the reviews, and going with the most affordable and customer-friendly company will do the trick, and yes, in some cases, all these can prove successful, but you may not be lucky enough considering that every window cleaning company call themselves professional and claim to offer the best services. So, what should you do? How do you choose the right cleaning company for your windows?

Fortunately, there are certain questions that can guide you through the hiring process and save you from complications and hassles down the road. So, here are a few major questions to ask when choosing the right window cleaning company.

1. How long have you been in the Cleaning Industry?

First of all, you should ask about the experience of the company. If the answer that you get is unclear and unsatisfactory then most likely they are not much experienced. Currently, there is no window cleaning license to be obtained, and therefore, anyone can call themselves a window cleaning company. This can be an issue for business and homeowners with unique window situations. Luckily, you can get through this issue by asking the company about their experience, or specifically ask about their experience and training with your particular window glass.

2. Can you Offer References?

Any window cleaning company that offers excellent customer service will always have a following of happy and satisfied customers. So, when hiring a company, ask them if they are able to provide customer references from their past customers.

3. What is your Liability Policy?

To customers, window cleaning seems a harmless and easy task. The company visits, clean and then leaves with the final payment. However, it’s very essential to realize the dangers and risks window cleaners face with every job. Cleaners deal with razor scrapers, ladders, and other related tools depending on the cleaning they’re offering. If an injury or mishap should take place, you could be facing a hefty lawsuit if the company you’ve hired does not have liability policy and workers compensation insurance at the place. So, this is why it’s very important that you ask about their liability policy before hiring them.

4. Do you Provide a Satisfaction Guarantee for Your Work?

When hiring a professional window cleaning company, you should also ask them about their work guarantee. Make sure you understand the recourse if you are not happy with their work. Will the company re-wash the window that doesn’t meet your standards? Are you willing to get a refund? Having proper clarification on this will ensure that you know what all can be expected if these situations ever arise.

As a customer, you have all the rights to get as much detail as you can on a window cleaning company before they even enter your house. By performing your due diligence and asking the above-explained questions you can get all the necessary information you need to make the right decision and avoid any costly or risky issues during your cleaning service.

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