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August 6, 2019
Why it’s important to hire a pro for high-rise window cleaning works?? Some major benefits to consider!!
August 27, 2019

Window cleaning in high-sky buildings is certainly a task that requires professional expertise and skills. But, you don’t need to look for the best window cleaning services just for one time. You need to consider regular window cleaning if you want to maintain the appearance of your tall building up to the mark all year round. Now the question arises how often you should hire window cleaning services so that you get to flaunt a clean and impressive facade of your building. To help you find the answer to this question, here, I am sharing some of the important factors which determine the frequency of window cleaning for commercial buildings.

Location and Surroundings of High-Rise Building

How dirty your windows might get greatly depends upon the location and surroundings of your building. If the building is located in an on-going construction area or nearby businesses are involved with work that deal with high traffic, or it is situated in an industrial area which includes mechanical or chemical related business activities, your building’s windows will get dirty much sooner and may require cleaning once or twice a month when compared to those which are located in a cleaner locality and surroundings.

Climate and Weather of the Building’s Location

The whims of changing weather conditions and climate of a place greatly affect the windows. There is not a single moment when they are not exposed to weather conditions. Scorching sun, high winds, snowfalls, heavy runs, and storms, all these weather conditions take a toll on your windows. So, they must not be neglected. If your building is situated in a place which receives high rainfall frequently, there are fat chances that window panes will get smudges and stains more often, thereby need cleaning every second month.

Type of Business Activities Carried Out In the Building

This is another major factor that indicates the possibility of how sooner you will need to call professionals for window cleaning. If it provides space for medical facilities or retail stores, windows will demand cleaning once a month, however, for restaurants, you might need to get them cleaned once a week. On the other hand, if your building provides space for IT businesses that don’t involve high traffic other than that of regular employees, window cleaning twice a year will suffice.

Nature and Habits of People 

This may sound a bit unusual but yes, this also counts. If there are a large number of employees who regularly smoke near the windows or there are some nasty workers who like to treat the windows like their chalkboard or something like that, your windows will surely need extra attention. In case your tall building caters to a facility associated with children, windows are more at the mercy of window cleaners to stay clean than the people in the building.

Observing all these factors in your building can help you get a clear idea of how often you should consider the window cleaning. Once you figure it out, find out one of the best window cleaning service providers who can work on a contract basis so that you don’t have to waste time on finding another company for future cleaning.

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